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1. Community Shoe Drive Overview

Your help is needed to assist Family Outreach. Family Outreach, based in Atlanta, GA since 1997 is a 501(c)3 public charity annually registered with both the State and the US Federal Government’s USAID to do International relief and development.

In the past we provided a nutritious hot school lunch daily for 20,000 poor Haitian children. After the devastating Haiti earthquake of  2010, Family Outreach saved thousands of lives afflicted with the dreaded Cholera outbreak 2010 -2011. These rural dwelling villagers were with out medical aid except for the interventions of Family Outreach.


Our current need focuses on assisting 600 desperately poor Haitian and Dominican families living in 3 Dominican Republic Batey villages to have pure well water and nutritious food available. Please visit our web site at and check out what we are doing.


You can help us by asking the people in your group to gather used shoes from their associates that are in their neighborhood, school, church, or job. This is a great opportunity to feature your group and your charitable efforts in the local community. It is also a family character building project.


Every group member can participate by involving each member of their family. Each family member can hand out 5 or more shoe drive request fliers, to neighbors and people in their circle of influence. This small activity not only unites the family with your group’s charitable efforts, but it trains the children, as well as speaking clearly, that you are involved, civic minded, and care enough to do the right thing.


Please feel free to contact us directly and let us answer your questions and assist with this community service project.


Yours truly,


Rose Edkins - President

Conception to completion, this shoe drive model frees up your time and is completed start to finish with in 1 week.


Execution is EZ as steps 1-2-3.


  1. Your group leader stands to proclaim the need and announces the shoe drive. Then distributes instructional fliers to each participant. Everyone should take home enough fliers for each of their family members to give to at least 5 of their friends. This handout explains that your group is helping Family Outreach with this recycled shoe drive, asking for a donation of a bag of their used shoes.


  1. Each family member takes their fliers and hands them out in the neighborhood, and with other of their associates at work, school, etc.


  1. Collection Day: Each participant gathers the donations of the bagged shoes that their family has solicited. Then drops off their cache of bagged shoes at your group’s central collection site on the designated collection day.


Please record each donor’s name and e-mail so Family Outreach can send a tax receipt for their donation.




 For more information please call, or e-mail Please visit us on the web at

*   Family Outreach is a 501(c) 3 Public Charity. All gifts are tax deductible.

Shoe Drive Overview
UPDATE-Project Warm Up West End-

We would like to thank all of of sponsors for our last 2014-2015 project "Warm Up West End".  It was with great pleasure and humility to see the happy faces of those in need within our community.  We were able to provide over 75 people with warm clothing, shoes, household items, toys, car seats, bassinets and strollers.

Once Again Thank You!

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