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Food Distribution: Batey Verde 
Senior Citizens Christmas 2011
Batey Verde Feeding
Senior Citizens, November, 2011

as Americas:
 Feeding Desperate Family in Distress

Ready For Dominican School September, 2011?
We visited an unemployed single dad family with 5 children living nearby, who needed help for school uniforms. Two of the 5 children were orphans taken in the home after both parents died. 

The 4 sided 2 room block home rents for $25 monthly. The rusty tin roof leaks so bad that there is not a dry place for any one to lay down. They plant corn, squash and other crops in neighboring vacant lots. They don't have in door plumbing or an out door latrine. They bag their waste and dump it in the bushes. 

Family Outreach was able to help this family as well as others get school uniforms for the children. No uniform, no school. School Uniform code is an attendance requirement.
 School Begins & No Uniforms: Uniforms required for School Attendance: Single Unemployed  Las Americas Father w/ children plus 2 orphans with out Mother or Father, Destitute: Family Outreach Intervenes

Clothing Distribution: Las Americas
February, 2012

3 Homeless Families in Transition
Share: Home, Utilities, Food & Love:
Fall and Winter 2011-2012
UPDATE-Project Warm Up West End-

We would like to thank all of of sponsors for our last 2014-2015 project "Warm Up West End".  It was with great pleasure and humility to see the happy faces of those in need within our community.  We were able to provide over 75 people with warm clothing, shoes, household items, toys, car seats, bassinets and strollers.

Once Again Thank You!

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