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                               Good day,
Please help us find a all terrain style motorized wheel chair that is wide, beautiful and hand lever controlled. The public paths of this Port-Au-Prince, Haitian neighborhood are pot holed gravel rocky roads.

This request is for a school principal in his 20’s who also is the music director and lead singer for his church in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. He first came to the orphanage there as a young boy missing both legs. He has grown up in the orphanage, went to school there, raised in the church next to the orphanage.

What ever he did he rose to the top. He now over sees and teaches the current neighborhood school at the orphanage that he grew up in. He pays his own living from school tuition earned. His charismatic leadership has trained several church musicians. His anointed singing from his whole heart over flows the PA system with amplified gratitude and worship to God.

Despite the over whelming challenges of poverty, limited opportunity, rough terrain, handicapped of both legs, orphaned as a child, he challenges all who meet him to pursue life with zeal of a whole heart.

It is our privilege to forward his following request to those who can help find him an rough terrain,  comfortable, wide, beautiful, hand controlled motorized chair. Please contact Pastor Richard or Rose Edkins (770) 492-5161 or 9770) 873-3430 or e-mail with Family Outreach in Atlanta, GA for more details.

Pastor Richard & Rose Edkins - (770) 402-5161

Haiti: Request: for a motorized wheel chair, lever hand controlled, wide & beautiful.

e-mail translation:
I take the pleasure yesterday evening of thanking you for having me  and I am very content because you think has me. The model of wheelchair that I want, it is a chair of which I can only lead, with levers with the hand, rather broad and beautiful.

While coming to let me also say to you I have a foundation which works with the people handicapped in Haiti, therefore I require for the materials for the people handicapped like bequis, rokers, wheelchairs ordinary, if I can find his materials to help his handicapped people would be a blessing. Already that the lord bless you Pasteur Richard and your wife also, therefore I await your answer on this subject. Thank you for your assistance which the lord blesses you additional amount.

Original e-mail request from Haiti:
Le modele de chaise roulante que je veux ,c’est une chaise dont je peux conduire seul,avec des manettes a la main ,assez large et belle .

En passant laisser moi  vous  dire egalement  j’ai une fondation qui travaille avec les personnes handicapees en Haiti ,donc  j’ai besoin des  materiels pour les personnes  handicapees comme des bequis ,rokers, chaises roulantes ordinaire, si je peux trouver ses materiels  pour aider ses personnes  handicapees se serais une benediction .

 Déjà que le seigneur vous benisses Pasteur Michel et votre femme egalement  , donc  j’attends votre reponse a ce sujet .

 Merci  pour votre aide  que le seigneur  vous benisse abondemment.
UPDATE-Project Warm Up West End-

We would like to thank all of of sponsors for our last 2014-2015 project "Warm Up West End".  It was with great pleasure and humility to see the happy faces of those in need within our community.  We were able to provide over 75 people with warm clothing, shoes, household items, toys, car seats, bassinets and strollers.

Once Again Thank You!

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