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Volunteers Reaching Atlanta's Needy and Homeless, Haiti's Quake / Cholera Survivors, and Dominican Republic's Batey Migrant Communities

Our Duty: Service: A Cry for Help!

RELIEF SERVICE Atlanta Needy, Homeless, and Overseas, Your help is needed to assist Family Outreach to serve by collecting used shoes from your neighbors at home, associates at school, at church, or on the job. Distribute Used Shoe Collector Bag w/ flier among your associates. Designated Collection Day: Associate brings shoes in collector bag. Retrieve the shoes and deliver a thank you tax receipt if requested. Drop off the shoes at the designated central collection point.

Together We Can Touch Atlanta!
Charity begins at home. Not every one can go over seas but we all can do something. Most often we have warm clothes and other items that you can help us distribute to the needy.  

We need volunteers to:
1. Sort Clothing, shoes, household donations.
2. Call or e-mail for Corporate gifts of overstock product.
3. Research opportunities on the internet.
4. Help design and implement a stronger e presence.
5. Help distribute winter clothes.
6 Help pick up donations in their truck.

Family Outreach Ministries International Inc., Atlanta, GA. and Dominican Republic
For more information please call Richard or Rose Edkins (770) 873-3430
or(770) 828-8952 

e-mail -  

Every effort is an important contribution.

All Contributions Are Tax Deductible!


About MobilePackTM

Feed My Starving Children

MobilePackTMevents allow people across the United States to pack life-giving meals.  In 2009, more than 120,000 MobilePack volunteers produced more than 26 million meals during events in New York, Arizona, Indiana, Minnesota, Washington, Illinois, and dozens of other states. In 2010, our MobilePack events are set to produce more than 32 million meals.

We invite your group – whether a church, business, or youth gathering – to host an event that provides a unique volunteer experience to reach children around the world.

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UPDATE-Project Warm Up West End-

We would like to thank all of of sponsors for our last 2014-2015 project "Warm Up West End".  It was with great pleasure and humility to see the happy faces of those in need within our community.  We were able to provide over 75 people with warm clothing, shoes, household items, toys, car seats, bassinets and strollers.

Once Again Thank You!

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