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Family Outreach to Haiti's Children

Family Outreach's founding President Rose Edkins in 1979  started a school and an orphanage that grew to 75 children. Many children were later adopted all over the USA, Canada, Europe, including France and Switzerland. Most of these children today are college educated adults with their own families .In 1982, she started The Good Samaritan as a Haitian NGO a Non Government Organization, a charity with clinics and a hospital. This hospital grew under a $million grant from USAID to be the largest in Carre Four a suburb of Port-Au-Prince.

Today Mother Rose and Family Outreach send relief supplies, first to many orphanages 
and then to schools and various feeding programs through out Haiti and other parts of the World. Each year Family Outreach sends containers of rice, clothing, and household goods. This past year 2010 we have sent 3 containers of emergency quake relief supplies, plus medical supplies, and rice to Haiti.

 In addition we have sent a container of shoes to the Dominican Republic as well as another container of development supplies including over 100 sewing machines.

This was our first year to send a full 40' container of
rice to an orphanage in Liberia.

UPDATE-Project Warm Up West End-

We would like to thank all of of sponsors for our last 2014-2015 project "Warm Up West End".  It was with great pleasure and humility to see the happy faces of those in need within our community.  We were able to provide over 75 people with warm clothing, shoes, household items, toys, car seats, bassinets and strollers.

Once Again Thank You!

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